Preview: Kind + Jugend 2018, Baby Durables

The baby and toddler products industry gears up for what is set to be the biggest event in the industry.

Kind + Jugend 2018 takes place in Cologne, Germany, next week. The show is expecting over 1200 exhibitors from around the globe showcasing the latest in baby and toddler products. With an estimated 12,000 professionals in attendance, the biggest names in the industry will showcase their latest products and trends.

From durables, toys, clothing, and everyday items for baby and toddlers, Kind + Jugend has all the latest premium products.

Here is a preview of what we’ll be keeping an eye on:

  • Safe and Convenient Baby Feeding
  • Transporting Baby in Style
  • Organics in Baby Durables
  • New Tech Gadgets

Safe and Convenient Baby Feeding

Senserna A/S, milkymeter

The fair focuses on premium products in the sector. Baby feeding systems are a huge part of this industry and new technology will surely be on display.

Senserna Milkymeter
Milkymeter lets you warm baby bottle in seconds

Developed by Senserna A/S, milkymeter is the world’s first thermometer for microwave ovens. The company’s website describes milkymeter as: “milkymeter measures the temperature in the milk while you warm the baby bottle in the microwave oven. This means you get ready to drink temperature in first attempt and are able to serve the bottle in seconds. Day and night. Convenient and safe for both breast milk and formula.”

Besides ensuring a safe temperature for baby’s milk, the product also claims to ensure optimal nutrition levels by monitoring the temperature fo the milk. Breast milk can be damaged if heated above 45 degrees Celsius. Milkymeter ensure milk stays at an optimal temperature to ensure maximum nutrition levels.

Transporting Baby in Style

Baby transport systems including strollers, prams, and car accessories make up a large chunk of the show. It’s a given we’re going to see more premium and functional products like this one.

KeenzThe Keenz 7S foldable wagon stroller has taken the world by storm ever since it was introduced in USA in early 2017. The company described its new stroller as: rave reviews can be easily found on internet with some customers calling it MILITARY-GRADE, POWER wagon stroller and stroller on STEROIDS. With countless of satisfied customers, no wonder it is in such high demand in many countries.

The company will also be debuting new models at the show, including the Keenz X Hybrid Wagon Stroller, a German Design Award 2019 Nominee, is the first in the world that can transform itself between many different modes of usage using just 1 single module. The Keenz Air Plus Cabin Stroller is designed to be the only stroller that you ever need. Lightweight & suitable for newborns to 30kg, it features an extra wide seat & an unbelievable 40 litres ultrahigh-capacity storage basket that can serve as a pet stroller too.


Keenz 7S foldable wagon

Organics in Baby Durables


Grape Seed Pillow

We’re keeping an eye on products that use organic materials. The use of organic materials and the use of organic in general is something the premium market is utilising.

Grape Seed PillowThis product from GRÜNSPECHT Naturprodukte GmbH is a grape seed pillow that is a traditional warming household remedy. It’s easy to heat in the microwave or oven.

Grape seeds are an ideal source of warmth because they retain heat for a long time and release it slowly.

The company describes the materials used as delicately fragranced organic seeds that softly curve around your baby’s body. They are especially suitable for the little ones by offering comfort in cases of tummy aches, constipation, wind and colds.

New Tech Gadgets

You can’t get around it, there will be new tech gadgets. We’ll be on the look out for toys and monitoring products like the Babycare iQ from Bebcare Company Limited.

The Bebcare iQ combines the best of WiFi and traditional monitors to help parents cope calmly in moments of crisis. The product allows you to keep an eye on your roving baby with the 1080p HD camera, 360-degree pan-and-tilt capabilities and infrared night vision.

BebcareThe comfort night light and a selection of lullabies gently soothe even the most anxious baby. The product also displays both room temperature and breathing sensors. It features a ultra-low radiation mode, so babies are safe from the nasties.

The company also claims: “the background white noise silencer is highly rated, and does its bit to ensure the iQ doesn’t wake you up with distracting neighbourhood sounds. The Bebcare app comes with support for multiple cameras, if you have more than one kid on your hands to look after. With a 600m wireless range and up to 60 hours of battery life, safely attend to chores or settle down with a glass of chardonnay — we know you’ve earned it!”



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