Two Buzzing Days of Innovation at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017

The Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show is a yearly event that showcases all the newest innovations in the health and organic industry. Covering food and non-food, it’s the biggest event of its kind in the UK and this year’s show saw a 15% increase in exhibitors breaking last year’s record.

The number of organic products on offer was also unprecedented with over half (55%) of the 700 exhibiting companies announcing that they will be promoting certified organic products in food, drink, beauty, healthcare, personal care, and household products. They will be promoting marks from around the world, including the Soil Association (over 80 licensees confirmed), Organic Food Federation, and Organic Farmers & Growers among others.

The Natural and Organic Products Europe Show which was held from the 2nd to the 3rd of April at London’s Excel venue reflected these findings.

Over 300 New Products Showcased at the Show

The prestigious Natural & Organic Awards showcased the best of the show. Companies submit products for judging, and those that receive the most votes from the show attendees move on to an independent panel of industry buyers from major retailers in the industry. In total over 325 products were up for the awards in a total of 13 categories spanning the entire industry.

Trade Show Explorer analysed all the nominees, and the winners are a reflection of some of the major trends. Below is a sample of some of the winners in addition to some of the most significant trends.


 Turmeric has been in the headlines because of its health benefits ranging from preventing fighting inflammation, cancer, fighting liver damage, controlling diabetes and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It’s no surprise to see this ingredient pop up in multiple categories at the show with turmeric based products taking two of the most important awards of the show, Best New Health & Nutritional Product and Best New Drink Product.

turmeric oral spray

Turmeric Oral Spray


100% Organic Curcumin Latte

BetterYou Turmeric Oral Spray took home the best new health and nutritional product, while Viridian’s Organic Curcumin Latte won best new drink.


Kombucha has been gaining popularity in some recent shows, as has new fermented products besides yoghurt. Kombucha’s ability to fit nicely into the vegan and free-fromindustry makes it a convenient choice in this industry. A kombucha product took, perhaps, the most prestigious award at the show with Captain Kombucha by Bravura Foods awarded as Best New Organic Product. 


A bio-organic kombucha drink


Ginger and Pomegranate flavoured Kombucha drinks.

Enter your text here…Captain Kombucha awarded best new organic product and another kombucha on display from Karma brands.


 Mushrooms as supplements are back on the radar as a health promoting product.  With samples across multiple categories including supplement powders and in baking mixes, they’re making a return in different formats than in traditional tablets. Touted for cancer prevention, detoxification, and adaptogen properties, mushroom products at NOPE 2017 were found that highlighted energy and beauty promoting qualities.

Reishi Mushroom Powder

A complete raw reishi powder.

Organic Mushroom Complext

A complete mushroom complex featuring reishi, chagga, and shitake

Bread Mix

An organic turmeric and reishi mushroom bread mix

Mushroom Powder

A mushroom powder with beauty benefits.

Mushroom products emerge at NOPE 2017 in new formats like powders for shakes and in baking mixes.


Green tea has been getting an added boost with the focus shifting to its cousin matcha. A Japanese-style powdered green tea claims to be a source of more concentrated, health-promoting, compounds than normal green tea. Amongst other claims, the product is said to lower cholesterol and calm the mind and support mood. Perhaps the biggest attraction to matcha is that it can be a coffee alternative (coffee alternatives are trending) as it’s said to provide the caffeine kick without any jitters.

Jeam Super Bread Mix

Superfood bread mix with matcha green tea.

Matcha Shot

Organic Japanese Matcha Shot

Matcha Latte

Koyu Organic Matcha Latte

Matcha Now

Organic Matcha Drink

Matcha was on trend at NOPE 2017, it even showed up in bread mixes.

Full of Protein

Products with the high protein claim cannot be ignored. Average everyday products full of protein have been popular at recent shows including water, desserts, popcorn and the normal shake mix format. NOPE 2017 was no exception with protein “bites” being of particular interest. The paleo diet was represented which focuses on minimal processing that focuses on a higher protein content. 

Natural Nutrients

Protein Popcorn


Raw Paleo Protein bars

Planet Paleo

Paleo beverage powders.

The Protein Ball Company

A line of protein packed snack balls.

Protein was a prominent theme at NOPE 2017 with paleo references.


Bamboo showcased in two major products for the show. Both The Cheeky Panda toilet paper and Woobamboo toothbrush were finalists in the Best New Natural Living & Home Product category. Bamboo is highlighted for it’s sustainable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly properties. 

Cheeky Panda

Bamboo toilet paper.


Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo utilised in normal personal care items with an eco-friendly positioning.

The latest data reveals the UK’s organic sector is thriving and now worth £2.09 billion, according to the Soil Association’s latest Organic Market Report, which reported a 7.1% increase in total sales of organic products in 2016.

This sector is only predicted to grow. Consumers are already aware of how their choices in the supermarket affect the environment, and from what we’ve discovered at NOPE 2017, they’re demanding more innovation in healthy, organic products but like the familiarity of the products they love. Product developers and marketers need to be on top of the latest trends to cash in on the predicted growth.

If you couldn’t make it to this important trade event, Trade Show Explorer can provide you with in-depth analysis of the products on display and more visuals of the most important innovations. Contact us and we can show you even more content.

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