NRA Show Chicago Preview: 3 Trending Products You’re Going to Love

NRA Show

It’s May, it definitely feels like Spring, and Chicago is in bloom. In the trade show world, that means the biggest event in the restaurant/hospitality/foodservice industry has arrived–the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show.

The annual event which starts this Saturday, the 19th of May, at Chicago’s McCormick Place, is the place to be if you’re in the foodservice (HORECA) industry or just a food lover. The event attracts the biggest names in the business, from food providers to equipment dealers, to celebrity chefs, it’s all there under one massive roof.

The team is all geared up! Our mission is to keep you in the know of all the top trends as well as to report on what everyone is talking about. Here’s a sneak peak of the three products on display at the show we know you’re going to love.

Vegetable Based Proteins +

We’re not talking veggie burgers or bean burgers, this new breed (sorry) of companies are producing plant-based proteins that are truly innovating. Last year we saw a vegetable-based tuna alternative, and this year, we’re eager to see more veggie based protein fare. One product that stands out is a new vegetable-based product from JUST called Scramble. It sure looks like scrambled eggs, it tastes like eggs, but’s it’s not. It entirely veggie and made from mung beans.

Just Scramble

Veggie based scrambled egg products.

3D Food Printing Food

This section of the post is reminding us of the IFA Show in Berlin, but we’re talking food here. For the first time in the US, German company Procusini will be debuting its 3rd generation 3D food printing product. They’ll be demonstrating the product with chocolate and pasta which sounds fantastic!

BAR (Beverage Alcohol for Restaurants)

The National Restaurant Association show dedicates an entire section of the show to the restaurant drinks market with BAR. It’s a showcase of all the latest drinks and trends, and if last year was an indicator, there will be some great products to report on.


Automated Cocktail Maker

Again, we’re highlighting a tech product that will make bartenders life a bit easier. Barsys’s will be showcasing their Automated Cocktail Maker in the US for the first time. As the company states, “Barsys is designed to aid the bartender experience,” say Akshet Tewari, Founder and CEO of Barsys. “While the machine makes simple mixed drinks, bartenders are free to talk to customers, take additional orders, or prepare craft cocktails.” It’s comes with a handy mobile app that also tracks consumption.

Remember to follow our social media accounts for full coverage of the event. We’ll also be posting a post-show review with a link to all the best products and innovations. It’s a perfect tool for inspiring your own product development.

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