World Traveller? This Little Adaptor is All You Need.

Zendure Passport

One of the best parts of being a Trade Show Explorer is that I get to travel the world and discover new and exciting products and gadgets. If you’re like me, your carry-on is usually full of device-specific wires and gadgets only to realise that, the one adaptor I needed, was left back home! Once again, I ended up buying a new one at the airport, and when I get back home, I’ll have another one of “those” adaptors to add to the rest of the collection.

I recently attended the IFA Consumer Electronics trade show in Berlin and came across the perfect solution. I stumbled upon the Zendure booth and perhaps because of my dilemma earlier that day, my eyes zoomed straight to this attractive global adaptor, the Passport Global. It was probably the look of wanting on my face, but the exhibitor approached me, and we began talking. The topic of my experience earlier that day came up and I was kindly given one to test out. It was an absolute lifesaver at IFA and other recent trips.

Zendure Passport

So at first glance, it’s quite attractive, for a travel adaptor that is. If you’ve bought the cheaper options available at the airport, you know what I mean. What I first liked about it was its solid feel, it didn’t feel like it would break after a couple of uses. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it has 4 USB ports so, in reality, it can charge up to 5 devices all at the same time. Initially I felt there’s no way a socket is going to hold all that weight, but that’s where the design comes in. When I headed back to the hotel and plugged everything into the wall, it held everything like a charm. I was able to connect two phones, a watch, and a Kindle via the USB ports and my main computer via the universal outlet socket. I plugged everything up before bed and it was get up and go in the morning! No more waking up and having to switch devices and wait for them to charge. Speaking of charging, it felt like my iPhones were charging quite quickly. This is due to the higher output per port than other USB chargers.

Being based in the UK, but with frequent trips to the US and the rest of Europe, I like the one device fits all feature. The adaptor is compatible in over 150 countries. To switch the sockets you just press the blue tab and pull out for the appropriate adaptor. The feel is again stable and doesn’t stick which is something that happens with cheaper adaptors I’ve bought. Another thing I loved is that your plug easily fits into the universal plug-in area. It’s not like other adaptors where you have to press so hard, it feels like it will break the thing in half.

Zendure Passport

So I was in total joy after a couple of days of use. Although you’ll probably only use the device as I have, it’s essential to point out the technology and features behind this convenient product. The big selling point here is the Auto-Reseting Fuse. That means it’s virtually unbreakable and will reset in the event of power surges while keeping your devices safe from such surges. An essential feature if you’re travelling to places where power isn’t as reliable.

The Passport Adaptor by Zendure was a Kickstarter project, but it’s slated for launch in October of this year. At $35 it’s well worth it. As I mentioned earlier, as arrived home and unpacked, I came across the cheap emergency adaptor I picked up at the airport. I ended up just tossing the whole lot into the recycling bin thanks to my new Passport Adaptor.

Have a look a their promotional video and website for all the specs and details.

Disclaimer: Zendure was kind enough to supply a sample for us to test out and review. We did not receive any royalties for reviewing the product.

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