IFA 2017 Tech Round-Up, What You Need to Know for 2018

IFA 2017 is THE premier European event for all things tech. The annual event held at Berlin Messe in early September is a feast for the eyes for all the latest gadgets and trends for 2018. Spread over a massive space the top players in the market were there to wow visitors with over-the-top expo halls that allowed visitors to feel and touch the latest innovations.

It’s the main event for the European markets and companies like Samsung, Sony, Phillips, Siemens, and Panasonic delivered with impressive spaces and hands-on demos. One missing presence was Apple. And what a great opportunity it missed to show off their creativity in a jam-packed week-long event.

So what’s were the big standouts at the show? What will we all be playing around with in 2018? Here is a snapshot of our top trends to keep an eye on for the new year.

3D Printing Goes Mainstream

While at the moment, mainstream consumers may not see a need for 3D printers the technology and price-point is now available. The marketing and product development opportunities for normal consumer is in its infancy for this market with countless possibilities.

For now, these products are revolutionising smaller, independent, graphic design and prototyping business. Providing time and cost savings, 3D printing at this scale allows ideas to develop fast. As the price of 3D printers reduces, manufacturers become attracted with the ability to create multiple prototypes relatively cheaply which minimises their risks. 

What to look out for in 2018? Some innovative marketing to get these products into the average consumer’s homes.

​Virtual and Augmented Reality are Becoming One

Virtual reality and augmented reality were the stars of the show. Gaming seemed to be the favourite sector for VR, but companies are trying to innovate with different approaches for the technology or morph it into new formats.

Microsoft had a large section showcasing its Mixed Reality product. It’s a headset that combines virtual reality and augmented reality into one. While the headset will be produced by partners such as Lenovo, Dell, and Acer, the software for running the applications will be integrated into Microsoft software. 

What to look out for in 2018? Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products merging into one providing unique opportunities for gaming, entertainment, and learning.

Microsoft Mixed Reality

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Digital Health Will Help Us Get Healthier

It’s not just wearables that are helping us become healthier beings. Digital health products are evolving into more sophisticated gadgets. From standard household health devices taking a leap into the future to products that communicate with your healthcare providers, these products are providing more targeted ways to help us monitor our health.

What to look out for in 2018? Beyond the wearable, companies will be introducing smarter health devices for us. From more intelligent scales and mirrors that suggest improvements for us to make to everyday health products like thermometers and monitors that will sync data with our health care providers.

Quardio Core

Quardio Core

IFA 2017 is a must for anyone in the consumer electronics industry. With over 1800 exhibitors and over 145,000 industry visitors from 129 countries the opportunities to connect and view the upcoming trends is a given.

This is just a snapshot of what we identified. To learn more sign-up below for more trends and photos of all the best products.

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